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Equine Release

Enhance Your Relationship With Your Horse Through Myofascial Release

Any horse can benefit from myofascial release therapy, especially those with a history of neglect, injury, or lameness. The following are scenario examples that can benefit from MFR interventions:

  • A history of chronic lameness
  • Decreased performance with no diagnosed problem
  • Pain sensitive areas/ trigger points
  • Irritability
  • Unwillingness to work
  • Maintenance of the high performance athlete
  • History of neglect
  • Heighten awareness/ increased sensitivity to environmental stimuli
  • Gaiting / ranges of motion




As an equestrian / horse handler how may I benefit from myofascial release manual therapy? The following are examples, however there is no limitation to the scenarios in which MFR interventions can benefit us:

  • Pain
  • Decreased mobility
  • Spinal/ joint alignment
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Balance deficits
  • Decreased focus
  • Decreased emotional awareness/ individual empowerment
  • Decreased energy/ motivation
  • Scar mobilization/ healing
  • Postural awareness
  • Core stability
  • Coordination

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