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November Newsletter

November Newsletter

It’s been a few busy months since our last newsletter. Our family has had a whirlwind of events occur, all of which have brought us closer to our faith and one another.

Earlier this year, my mom was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) a rare incurable disease of progressive weakness.

Courtney, our eldest, moved to Wisconsin in April to care for her Grandma.

In July our youngest, Hailey moved back home transferring from UNT to ASU. Her boyfriend, Nate was given an opportunity to further his career in pursuing crane operations here in Az as well. We are so lucky to have them living close by now.

August found our family celebrating in Wisconsin as we gathered for our first grandchild’s baby shower. It was during this trip we thought it best for my mom to move to Arizona and live out the rest of her earthly life in our home. We closed on a new home on my birthday, Sept 1st. Began some remodeling to accommodate my mom’s needs.

October 12th our granddaughter, Ayasha was born, healthy and beautiful, and in Wisconsin! The evening of October 22nd our family was thrown into chaos, when Nates younger brother, Devin suffered a tragic wreck when riding his motorcycle. For the following hours, days, weeks we prayed and held one another up with faith. At week three Devin was transferred from CCU(critical care unit) and is currently able o participate in inpatient rehabilitation. We are so grateful !!!

I went to Wisconsin Nov 7th, visited with family, friends, and our grand beauty… and came home to Az with my mom last week Monday. I’m happy to announce she is enjoying the weather conditions and her “services” she receives in our home. Currently, she refers to me as her; beautician, nutritionist, athletic director, and daughter.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s been a whirlwind of a few months and milestones. I couldn’t be more blessed to be experiencing it with the people God has chosen for me. This includes all of you. I value you ALL oh so much !!

I hope your Holidays are filled with precious chaotic moments of togetherness 💖 and the year before us met with gratitude.

Warm wishes from All of us to you and yours,
Tammy, Frank, Kathleen, Courtney, Tommy, Trina, Dean, Ayasha, Collin, Hailey, Nate, and a pup named Gus

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